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Our services

MindMakers ApS is a Danish supplier of consultancy services and a production company that characterises itself as "an educationally founded IT business, highly skilled in both analogue and digital media".

Together with our customers we develop, produce and implement IT-based solutions for continuing education and in-service training, spreading information, as well as communication work.

Our main services are:

  1. E-learning courses for public and private companies often based upon the use of sound, video, animations and tests. These are almost always embedded in a Learning Management System.
  2. Video based courses. Turnkey courses based upon one or more video films, associated written material with instructor guidelines, clear learning goals, course participant assignments, plans for group work, handouts for course participants, illustrations, etc.
  3. Analysis assignments using net based questionnaires and interviews, development of concepts for education, information and teaching, etc.

The focus of all of our solutions lies in communication, knowledge sharing and competence development.

Our competencies

MindMakers production work is performed by a select group of skilled freelancers with whom the company has a long-standing working relationship. Among these are journalists, graphic designers, photographers, sound engineers, programmers and flash designers, etc. The advantages of working with this form of open network are not only lower costs, but access to the most cutting edge technology and skills in the freelancer's area of competence.

We also maintain close cooperation with a large number of software suppliers; all offering tried and tested solutions in the form of authoring tools, Learning Management Systems (user administration, course portfolios, course certificates, reports, etc.), hosting and technical support, etc.

All of these components are managed by MindMakers ApS, so that the responsibility for development and production is always clearly placed.

Production examples

In recent years MindMakers has been a key player in the development, production and implementation of clinical programs for further education of more than 10,000 doctors, nurses, midwives, hospital porters, service staff, etc. at Danish hospitals.

Many courses have been developed under close cooperation with Aarhus University Hospital, for example:

  • "Resuscitation after clinical cardiac arrest"
  • EFM-interpretation (monitoring the unborn foetus and the woman giving birth during the birth)
  • ICD-10 coding (registering diagnoses, operations, services, etc.).

EFM-interpretation: Download the English course description HERE (folder from Aarhus University Hospital, PDF-format, 300 Kb).

Danish Medical Association:
MindMakers also develops and produces E-learning programs for the Danish Medical Association. The target group is practicing doctors and the there are a wide range of topics: Investigation and treatment of dementia, suicide prevention among young people and the aged, investigating the cognitive impaired patient in association with the issuance of a driving license, etc.

The final branch on the learning tree is the Digital Patient School. The topic is Type 1 Diabetes and the target group is 16 – 30 year-old newly diagnosed diabetics. The course was developed for a number of Danish hospitals and financed by the Danish Health Authority.

With its E-learning programs, MindMakers is undoubtedly Denmark’s leading company in the further education of clinicians in Danish hospitals and in general practice.

Video based courses in topics such as certified environmental control in public and private companies, The Hidden Factory (where hidden production costs are exposed), work instruction, corporate presentation etc.


If you would like to find out more, contact:
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